ixd103 final submission

Brand Guidelines – ixd103 brand guidelines finished-converted.pdf

Portfolio Site – https://leoniesmythixd.github.io/IXD101/

Final work pdf – ixd103 final work-converted.pdf

Brand Summary

When creating my brand I wanted to come across fun, friendly and professional. I have done this through my monogram and word mark design as well as my set tone of voice and brand values. My tone of voice is fun, professional, friendly and caring. I brought this across in my monogram design with using a bright and engaging colour palette, and using the idea of ‘building blocks’ as my design concept. In creating my bio (story) for my brand, I used some personal tones about my dogs and my love for art to get across the fun and friendly aspects but also keeping this part short and sweet so it doesn’t overshadow the professionalism that I present. I was aiming to stick to my brand values of being unique, fun, quality, and loyal, I think I have achieved this throughout as my designs follow this, I think especially my visual marque of the exclamation point has become a very unique and bold element of my brand.

This semester I have learnt a lot of what goes into making a personal brand, and that its much more than just making a logo and name. I’ve learnt that every element form choosing colour, choosing your type and even deciding on touchpoints and language (tone of voice, word banks) will determine how other people perceive you in the smallest of detail. Last semester I struggled a lot with time management and procrastination over doing work, and I wanted to try combat that this semester. I found that setting myself small to do lists every couple of days to each week helped me get through work better. I was more on top on work this semester and I’m glad to see myself improve with this.

Overall I’m happy with my brand to date, I think my monogram, wordmark, visual marque are all consistent, as well as my choice of type and colour. My digital and physical touchpoints also are in line with my brand. I struggled a bit with creating my portfolio site as code is still quite new to me, moving forward I plan to focus on and develop my skills so I can try and make better sites for any future work going into second year.


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