IXD104 Week4: Lecture Reflection

This week’s lecture was all about illustration in UI. We looked at what it means to illustrate, tips for sketching interfaces, what illustration in ui should be as well as the different practices of it and some of the different types o illustration for ui. We also to a look at some of the past ixd students’ work which I feel was quite beneficial.

I think this is was my favourite lecture content so far. We looked at some really interesting examples and I learned a lot about Illustration in Ui, something I had known little to nothing about prior. I also think that the tips for sketching interfaces will be really helpful and I’m going to try to implement (not sure if that’s the right word to use here) them all as best as I can in future. Particularly the one about using a thicker pen as I’ve got an abundant stash of sharpies and alcohol markers that I haven’t put to use in a while.

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