IXD302 – Week Eight: Briefing & Idea Generation

During Daniel’s class this week, we were introduced to our new project brief – to pitch an idea for a digital product. This product can be anything we want it to be, including, but not limited to:

  • Web Site (Something Substantial)
  • Native Application (Phone, Watch…)
  • Web App
  • eBook
  • Printed Book
  • Cards
  • Physical Product
  • Packaging System
  • Game (app, board game)
  • Connected Product

Daniel then talked us through different idea generation methods and exercises. I thought this was really helpful, as I know that I only really do one or two of these normally, so it was very useful being introduced to so many new methods of generating ideas.

The list included:

  • Mind-mapping
  • Brain-storming
  • Visual thinking
  • Sketching
  • Connections/associations
  • Worst way
  • What if?
  • Inspiration
  • Osborn Checklist

I have highlighted the idea generation techniques that I would like to try for this project, as I have not done them before and I feel they would be very useful for me.


We then moved into the IXD studio, where we began a workshop around idea generation. Each table had to pick a different method of idea generation, and then compose a selection of ideas from this pool. Our table decided to create ideas using the method of brain-storming using sticky-notes.

Our method involved loading up a random word generator on someone’s laptop, and then using a selection of random words to create an idea for a product.

I really enjoyed this exercise, as I felt very creatively charged and full of inspiration and ideas by the end. I was very inspired by everyone’s different point of views when it came to a new topic of discussion, and it really showed me how well I can work in a team when it comes to idea-building.

This was our board of sticky notes after we had finished brain-storming:

Great Ideas:

Good Ideas:

Okay Ideas:

Bad Ideas:

I will most likely be using one of these ideas for my pitch idea, as I was quite fond of some of the ones I was able to come up with, such as:

  • a touch-based app which allows you and someone else to communicate over long distances using touch alone
  • an app for dividing up finances
  • an app for reading/learning sign language

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