IXD103 – Final Submission

The following are links to my work:

Brand Guidelines – https://brandpad.io/jessdonnan

Portfolio – https://jessdonnan.github.io/portfolio/


The initial concept of my brand was to create something that was sophisticated yet creative. I chose a minimalist approach to my overall style, as I felt this allowed consistency and professionalism, while also giving space to bring innovation. My one rule throughout was this – simple yet effective. I didn’t want anything to feel too cluttered or chaotic. I wanted it controlled and aesthetically clean, which I feel was achieved successfully.

What I’ve learned from this semester is that branding is a lot more complicated and detailed than it seemed. There is so much that must be considered when creating a brand – guidelines, tone of voice, as well as visuals such as monograms, wordmarks, visual marques and colour schemes. I really enjoyed designing my own brand, as I felt it properly reflected my own style of work and personality, so it was fun to come up with concepts and ideas for how to represent those elements.

Last semester I struggled a lot with time management, and so I have tried to stay on top of things more this semester. I feel as if I still could have done better with managing my workload, but I am hoping to learn from this year in that aspect so that I can go into next year feeling prepared. I am excited to see what new projects I will create.


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