IXD302 Wk5:- Final CV & Cover Letter Update

I sent my CV and cover letter to my IXD302 lecturer (Daniel) to be reviewed so that I could receive feedback

Feedback given:



A mock up was done by Daniel from my original design with some changes that would make it appear better.

Mock-ups created:




(Cover Letter)


With the feed back given and the mock-ups I then went back into InDesign and began amending my design


I moved my monogram and name to the left hand side of the page. I also took away the bold effect that I had had on my surname and moved it below my first name.

I then changed the sub header colour from the grey colour that I previously had to the blue colour that was on the rest of my CV. I then moved the locations of the sub header from on top of each section to beside the sections.

I also changed one of my reference and added more information about the referees.


Cover Letter

For my cover letter I also added my monogram, name and contact information to the same format that I had it within my CV.

I also added the suggestion of finishing my cover letter with “yours faithfully”



With these changes I had my final CV and Cover Letter. I am really happy with how they turned out and feel that it represents me in a light that shows how employable I am.

Final CV:



Final Cover Letter:

Cover Letter1.2

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