IXD301 Wk4:- HTML & CSS

This week was a return to HTML & CSS. In regards to the portfolio site that had to be built I would be able to build it all using HTML & CSS or I could use a website builder such as Webflow.

HTML & CSS had been covered already in first year but that was a while ago and I felt that going over it again would prove useful. First of all though what is HTML & CSS:

“HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language whch is a standard markup language for creating Web pages by describing their structure.”

“CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it describes how HTML elements are to be displayed”

Scanned Notes:


































Even though doing interaction design means that I wont necessarily have to build the web pages I still find it to be a good skill to know about the workings of HTML & CSS. It means that I will have a better understanding of the limits and possibilities in terms of my designs and will give me an insight into what the developers can and cant do. It will also help me during my design process as it will be be able to allow me to know what will work and what would not while also giving me the the creative freedom to try solve the ones that wont work.

Having a working understanding of HTML & CSS is something that will make me better as a designer in the long run. Even though it can be difficult to learn and successfully do, it is possible. So taking the knowledge that I have learned from class about HTML & CSS I want to try and expand my expertise in relation and hopefully become a more proficient coder as well as designer.

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