IXD302 Wk2:- Job Application

This week went through the process of applying for a job. While applying for a job in the industry (especially in relation to placement) there are three things that I will need

  1. CV
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Portfolio (whether digital or physical)

These three things are very important when trying to get a job. Its almost impossible to get a job without a CV.

CV –  

A CV is very important and is needed when applying for any job not just one in the creative industries. It should include:

  • Contact Details
  • Short Bio
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Awards & Extras
  • References
Cover Letter –

The cover letter will be similar to the CV but should be tailored to the company or brand that you are writing to and should detail why you want to work there and why you are the best option. This is almost like a chance to sell yourself to them, that is why it is very important to come across as passionate and enthusiastic.

Portfolio –

The portfolio should be a way of showcasing the work to employers. It should be filled with different skills and work that you are proud of.

Various things to do and to avoid while constructing the CV and cover letter was also given, this allowed me to think about what I would write in relation to my own CV and cover letter that would be created (do’s and don’t within scanned note section)

**A tip was given that a job can be applied for even if they are not outwardly advertising a role for that job. A CV, Cover letter and any necessary information or portfolio work could be sent to the business as its better to try and at least get your name out there than to not try at all.

This is something that I am going to try do during my search for placement.


Going over what would be needed for a CV and Cover letter was insightful. I had previously thought I had a good sense in relation to CV’s but this lecture helped me to expand my knowledge in relation to some of the things that I might not have even have thought of yet such as how to work backwards when relaying education, by going from the most recent to the least. In relation to cover letters I had a brief knowledge of them by writing one or two but I had not really realised how important they could be when applying for a job especially one in the design industry.

In class it was suggested that something is done in order to help make myself stand out amongst all the other applicants. Things such as postal tubes, wax stamps, business cards etc were all suggestions of things that could be done.

I decided to try that I would personally do something different and go the extra mile by sending potential employers my CV, cover letter, business card and work prints. This would be something to impress and show how passionate I am about the role

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