IXD103 Wk1:- About Me and Social Bio

About me and Social Bio

I had to write an about me page and a social bio that could be used to inform people about me, it will be the first impression that most people will get from me.

While writing my about me and social bio I had to consider a lot of different elements such as if I wanted my about me and social bio to be in the first. I tried to make it sound as authentic as possible so that it would show off my personality in the best way possible.

My about me and social bio will most likely change as time goes on and as I grow as a person and learn more but right now this is the about me page and social bio that I felt represented me in a interesting way.


I started by creating a word bank full of words that I think describe me and my brand. This helped me to be able to get a sense of what I wanted my brand to be associated with.







Afterwards I then started to draft my about me and social bio until I got a version that I liked and felt represented me best








I’m Florence, a designer with a passion for creating new things and seeing my ideas become a reality. The box is something that I like to think does not exist and that ideas are limitless (even though that can mean some crazy notions). I constantly have a wastebin full of paper but it comes with the territory. I like to learn as I go from anything and everything. I consider myself to be an explorer of both the world and of my mind.

I’m currently studying Interaction Design at Ulster University to better improve my skills and learn new ones. This has meant that I now feel more confident in my abilities and what I can do. I love to try new things and to have new experiences. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and where design will take me.

Link to about me page – About Me

Social Bio

Interaction designer with a wastebin full of paper and a sketchbook full of potential ideas.

I’m really happy with how my social bio and about me section turned out. When I first started drafting them I had a hard time choosing the best words to describe me .  I also had a hard time choosing what to mention and write about. I wanted to touch on every topic and mention various things, I decided that instead of having an information overload I would pick two or three things that were important to me and that I wanted the readers to know and those were the topics I would establish.

Doing this really helped me establish an about section and social bio as it helped me put everything in check and know what I really wanted to put across to the readers.

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