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 Project Proposal  

Title Page

  • Client Company Name: Hill Street Belfast—- 
  • LOGO (Use if have permission or ideal) —- 
  • Project Title – Brand & Website Design of Hill Street Belfast 
  • Document Type – (UI/UX Proposal  
  • Version – 1  
  • Submission Date – 04/11/2021 
  • Company Name – CormacIXD 
  • Proposal Authors – Cormac James McCann 
  • Project Reference Number – 01  
  • Confidentiality – Private  
  • UX & UI project proposal from CormacIXD to Hill Street 


Notice: The contents in this document are highly confidential and distribution of any entity outside of Hill Street Belfast is strictly forbidden.  


Project Overview 

Hill Street Belfast is soliciting the constitution of a digital online presence and brand reimagination. This web and brand presence provides Hill Street Belfast with a digital online image and experience that has an ability to attract and inform of localized events, tours, information (both historical and present), restaurants, support and more. 

The objectives of the website’s online presence and brand reimagination are to:  

  1. Creating awareness and attracting attention to the location of Hill Street. 
  2. Validating and transferring Hill Street’s residential ‘essence’ into the digital world.  
  3. Contextually inform audiences of the historical and modern importance of the street. 
  4. Encourage both consumers and businesses to come to Hill Street thus increasing profits. 
  5. Encourage the ease of booking events and restaurants through an accessible, orderly and hassle-free booking system.  

This proposal will detail CormacIXD’s recommendations and methodology for the design and development of Hill Street Belfast’s online presence while considering both interior and exterior knowledge. To remain consistent and punctual, it is proposed that the duration of the project will be monitored and divided into segments in order to achieve goals more efficiently for when the deadline arrives on 1st March 2022.  


Project Approach  

CormacIXD has identified a standard six-phase process for project success with our clients. Although each of these phases may not be applicable to Hill Street Belfast’s online presence, the entire process is defined below as follows: 

  1. We dedicate the premature period of (1-2 weeks) to understand and gather information on your company and industry through in-depth studies of localized competitor analysis to be as informed as possible prior to beginning requirements gathering.  
  2. We will adeptly work close to digitally recapture your online identity with your subject matter experts and/or regulars in order to define the requirements for creating and developing the project appropriately and accurately.  
  3. Through the render phase, we will conceptualize and develop all pieces and interactions of the project. This phase requires concentrative work, to ensure deadlines are met as it is emphasized on full cooperation and communication with your team(s).  
  4.  The iterate phase is consistent throughout the lifecycle of the project. Due to the constant progression of the project, this often requires creating multiple iterations in rapid timelines. To ensure this timeline is consistent and flowing we require direct and appropriate involvement from you and your dedicated resources in order to create an accurate and authentic piece.  
  5. Testing on every project throughout the render phase is ensured; however, to accurately predict the actions of you and your audiences we need to obtain goal-based testing with both of our team and your designated testers. These tests will involve testing the form and function of the project in order to provide a smoother and more coherent website.  
  6. Upon successful completion of the five previous phases as well as your signed approval, we will implement a brand identity and turn your website live.  

In ensuring maximum client satisfaction, this process is warranted to extend past these six stages and regular communication with the client is issued for maintained understanding and future development of the client’s project(s).  


Scope of Work  

We were approached by Hill Street Belfast to provide all services required to initiate and create an online identity and website.  

CormacIXD will focus solely on the User Experience Design Aspect(s) which include UX researching and writing as well as HTML/CSS web design of the Hill Street Belfast’s website.  

Hill Street Belfast will provide accurate detailed feedback on all aspects of branding and website design in accordance with the project plan.  

Hill Street Belfast will provide any required assets for use in the project including company knowledge, photographical imagery and brand standards.  



It is assumed that Hill Street Belfast will meet and provide the following assets and resources. However, any inability to provide these requirements in an appropriate time and absolute manner may partly be responsible for the ineffectiveness or delayed delivery of this project.  

The following assets and resources are to be expected:  

  • Access to all significant and relevant Hill Street Belfast employees 
  • Access to all relevant assets and resources of Hill Street Belfast’s project(s) in the current state, including source files if available.  
  • Acquire the legality of all relevant copyrighted material e.g., name. 
  • Obtain content, which is required but not limited to copy, imagery, audio, etc. For any aspect of the brand and website design of Hill Street Belfast. 



In this section, I will detail the breakdown of my intended work schedule. This includes all deliverables and the structural research both before and after the due deliverable.


Phase 1 (0-2 Weeks)

Phase one is all about identifying and understanding both the demographic and the company as well as figuring out the constraints, requirements, and challenges.

User flow diagrams

Journey mapping

User stories

Stakeholder interview

Requirements & Constraints

Competitive testing

Field studies/user interviews

Focus groups

Questionnaires & surveys


Phase 2 (2 – 5 Weeks)

This phase consists of the designing and implementation of the products from the prototyping stage to the finished product.

Brand Identity

Brand style and guidelines

Logo, wordmark and visual marque

Printed material (Business cards, brochures, etc.)




Wireframes & Prototypes

Illustrative and typographical elements

Fully responsive and adaptive HTML/CSS website


Phase 3 (2 – 5 Weeks)

This phase consists of the vital feedback and testing of valued customers, employees, etc. In order to gain a more refined product(s).

Feedback reviews


User groups

Usability tests

Accessibility evaluation


Ownership and Rights

The continued ideation, work and material possessed in this document is the exclusive intellectual property of CormacIXD and is protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorized possession or distribution of the contents and material of this document are strictly prohibited in all circumstances.

However, until the completion of the due project(s) is concluded and upon the final successful payment, Hill Street Belfast will be entitled to the full copyright and ownership of the product(s).


Additional Costs and fees

During this project, CormacIXD may need additional resources that come with
additional costs that are out of our control. These costs will need to be covered by Hill Street Belfast. All of these additional resources and costs will be discussed and
acknowledged by Hill Street Belfast.

Below we have highlighted two potential additional resources:


A hired photographer/videographer to capture high-fidelity visual imagery will cost £150 for 30 images and 4 videos. This also includes digital makeup/enhancement.

Web Hosting Service

A secure Web Hoster will additionally cost a £20 annual fee. This will be entirely be
serviced and monitored by CormacIXD until project handover.


Project Pricing

CormacIXD has prepared an estimated cost for Hill Street Belfast, to conclude the best possible outcome for your immediate and/or future needs. CormacIXD assumes that all content will be provided by Hill Street Belfast. In the event that CormacIXD is requested to provide content services, the estimates will need to be redefined.

CormacIXD estimates are at a fixed cost, however, any indifferences should be followed up.

The estimates are as follows:


Stage 1 Research (2 Weeks)

Research total 52 hours x £15 = £780

Questionnaires & Surveys 4 hours x £15 = £60

Focus Groups 6 hours x £15 = £90

Stakeholder Interview 6 hours x £15 = £90

Field studies/user interviews 8 hours x £15 = £120

Competitive testing 10 hours x £15 = £150

Requirements & Constraints 5 hours x £15 = £75

User Stories 3 hours x £15 = £45

Journey mapping 6 hours x £15 = 90

User flows 4 hours x £15 = £60

Total 52 hours = £780


Stage 2 Development (3 Weeks)

Branding Total 39 hours x £15 = £585


Styling & Guidelines 8 hours x £15 = £120

Logo, wordmark & Visual Marque 12 hours x £15 = £180

Printed Material 8 hours x £15 = £120

Merchandise 11 hours x £15 = £165

Website Total 39 hours x £15 = £585

Wireframes & Prototypes 5 hours x £15 = £75

Illustrative and typographical elements 8 hours x £15 = £120

Fully responsive and adaptive HTML/CSS website 26 hours x £15 = £390

Total 78 hours = £1170


Stage 3 Testing & Refining (2 Weeks)

Testing total 32 hours x £15 = £480

Usability tests 11 hours x £15 = £165

User groups 12 hours x £15 = £180

Surveys 9 hours x £15 = £135


Refining total 20 hours x £15 = £300

Feedback reviews 8 hours x £15 = £120

Accessibility evaluation 12 hours x £15 = £180

Total 52 hours = £780

Additional Costs

Web Hosting Provider = £20

Photographer = £150


Overall Total = £2900


Payment Schedule

CormacIXD’s typical payment schedule is to receive a retainer fee of 25% of the total estimated price prior to the project’s commission.

CormacIXD will submit invoices on the 1st of December and the 15th of December. Payment must be fulfilled within 14 days of admission.

Upon completion of the project, CormacIXD will provide the work in its entirety to Hill Street Belfast. Once the materials are statistically approved, CormacIXD will submit a final invoice for amounts not covered by the retainer.

Disclaimer: However, in the unlikely event that the Hill Street Belfast project is held in abeyance for more than 14 consecutive days no progress towards the project will be made. CormacIXD shall submit a final invoice for any fees not covered by the retainer and shall be provided within the right of first refusal in the event that the project is


Acknowledgment and Sign-off

This proposal is acknowledged and granted in its entirety by Cormac McCann. This proposal must be signed and dated by an authorized representative of Hill Street Belfast in order to be placed in effect. Additionally, a signed purchase order referencing this proposal will constitute acceptance in place of a signed document (provided, however, that any pre-printed terms on such purchase order shall be deemed null and void and of no effect).

The proposal which CormacIXD has gathered constitutes the entirety of the agreement between each of the relevant parties with respect to the subject matter of this proposal. The effect of this proposal supersedes all prior verbal or written agreements, discussions, meetings and understandings including, and without limitation to, all representations contained in sales such as anything that constitutes as any advertising material or similar and is the complete and exclusive statement of terms of the parties’ agreement. Each of the parties acknowledges and agrees that upon the development of this proposal and without the reliance upon, of which has been expressly disclaimed, any representation or statement not set forth herein or in agreement of preparing this proposal.

Accepted by the authorized representatives of:


Name: Cormac McCann
Title: Owner
Date: 11/10/21

Hill Street Belfast

Name: Gavin Stewart
Title: Owner
Date: 11/10/21

Direct all payments to: Cormac McCann







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