#IXD103 – Business Card Research

To start of with my business card research I must start looking at others to see how they’ve created it.

Staying consistent of the simple nature and identity of my brand I want to create a simplistic design on my card and limit how much the visual elements are shown.

I decided to create a Pinterest looking at different simplistic designs:


After exploring different styles and taking in consideration elements such as placement, scale, etc I feel like I’m ready to start creating my business card.


I decided to make many variations of my card to see what works best. Although, I tried to make it as simple as possible I wanted to see the outcome of creating a more innovative and playful design seen in a few designs.  I decided to go with the last design as I like the unique colour gradient built into the ‘C’. This can physiologically create a sense of covering all grounds of purple from the dark rich creating a sense of luxury, and the lighter and vibrant purples conveying a sense of innovation and creativeness. I used white as it makes the card look clean and doesn’t conflict with the purple instead it makes it stand out.

Finished Card:

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