Evaluating my project



From the critique the other day I decided to take some time out to see how I could improve my elements project. I made the simple adjustments already like change the layout of the images already but I wanted to brainstorm more ways I could improve this project. I did a brainstorm exercise using comments from myself, Kyle and the results of my own user testing that I completed to come up with some ideas on how I can make this project better!


Ways I can improve-





What is next?

I feel like my project is lacking and I really want to push this. I will explore the above options and see how far I can take this project. I want to push myself and my ideas and try my best to accomplish them despite not having much longer to get them all done. I always wanted an app that isn’t overwhelmed with too much information, I still want to keep it simple but I do want to push this as I think I am able to do more with it but I will try my best!

IXD301- How can I improve my Elements project
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