Today I had my pitch presentation and it went great, I had to stand up and present my slides and explain why my pitch idea should get the ‘investor’ money. They said my idea was really strong which was great to hear! I wanted to do a blog post about the things I learnt from this project and the tips and advised I received…


Tips I got from todays pitch:

1. Have more confidence in myself and my ideas

2.It’s ok to mess up!

3. Make it more clear how certain topics link to my idea

4. Revisit layout of presentation at the start? Is all info necessary?

5. Include more info on the legal side of idea

6. Don’t be so nervous…



What can I take away from this?

I am proud of myself for getting through my pitch in one piece, it was quite daunting up there with ‘investors eyes’ on you. My idea was actually runner up so that was a big surprise to me as I feel my idea was a bit ‘too ambitious’ I think that if I backed my idea up with more evidence money wise this would have bettered my pitch as well as talking about the legal side more too. however I got through it as it was actually really fun. I enjoyed hearing from the group and the others pitches with their ideas and thinking. So moving on from this project I can take away that I have more confidence speaking and I know I can deliver a pitch that talks about my design decisions and ideas.


IXD302- Pitch Feedback & Reflection
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