Week 3 – Portfolio mockup critiques


This week we had a small class critique were Kyle gave his thoughts and advice on our portfolio website mockups. I had to have at least three pages to show and I uploaded my mockups to the class Miro board, where my whole class posted their work, below I included the work that I posted for the critique.


My mockup screens-

I made these mockup screens on Figma.


Home page options

I couldn’t decide what homepage to chose from so I included 4 different designs.










Portfolio page




About me page





Case study page





Miro board-




Kyle and Paul both gave their opinions on aspects they liked about my mockups and they also advised me on things I need to look at again and elements of my mockup that I need to change in order to get a better more successful portfolio design.


Things I need to look at again:

  • homepage layout- the preferred the homepage with my work mark above the banner
  • remove portfolio page and put all of my work on the home page
  • add more to about page
  • add more detail in case studies- e.g. text and sketches
  • ensure everything is aligned



What is next?

So moving forward from week 3 I need to take the notes on board from Kyle and Paul and begin to build my website. I will use Webflow to create my website and this will give me the ability to add in all of my desired features and content. Before taking it to Webflow I want to do some more sketches and wireframes with the suggested changes to see how they will look, I will update my blog with all of this progress.



I enjoyed seeing my peers work and hearing Kyles and Pauls thoughts about their portfolios and the work we have all done as well as my own. It was a beneficial task and I learned a lot from listening to the other critiques, it was also beneficial to provide my own opinions to my peers using sticky notes. I feel much more confident in my approach now and I feel as though I am ready to begin building my site and create a successful portfolio.

IXD301- Portfolio Mockup Critiques
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