IXD101- Group Presentation

Group Presentation

Our title we chose as a group was, ‘Pioneers of Postmodern Graphic Design.’ There are 4 people in my group:





We decided to break the information into sections, one person did the intro and we each looked at two pioneers and the conclusion. For my own research I began looking at Postmodernism, I watched a few clips on YouTube about it and began reading numerous articles about the movement to get good knowledge and understanding on the subject. As a group we continuously added information about the movement and the planning of our presentation into Google Docs, this was useful as we could all see what each person was adding and we could easily get our ideas and plans organised. For my research I used Miro boards for my spider diagrams, this allowed me to get my ideas and thoughts organised, and I was able to think about what I wanted to include in my section of the presentation.


Postmodernism movement research





Pioneer Research

Paula Scher

I began by looking at Paula Scher’s work as she is a key figure in graphic design. I find her work powerful so I definitely wanted to add her into this presentation from looking at other artists it is obvious that it was a very much male domnonaited industry, as a group we wanted to add as much female work and pioneers as we could into this presentation. Scher was an important figure for women in the 70’s, when she began designing and in the field today.


Paula Shcer mindmap


Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart was a very important figure in postmodernism and in graphic design. I am very fond of  his posters, its very experimental and I like his black and white work and in contrast to that his colour work is energetic. I took to Miro and  included some facts and images of his work I particularly  appreciate.


Wolfgang Weingart


Jamie Reid

I also looked into Jamie Reids work, I favoured his technique on his posters and record sleeves, his work is loud and he is a pioneer of this movement especially in British Punk. Through my research I have decided to only include Scher and Weingart in my presentation, as I only have time to speak about two.



Jamie Reid


The design of our presentation

As a group we designed the slides and we decided to keep minimum text on the slides, so our presentation appeared professional. We really wanted to showcase and focus on the artwork of the pioneers we were talking about, therefore we included lots of visuals.

The theme of our presentation was post modernism, we wanted to showcase the crazy, in your face work ,so we agreed to keep the style of the slides simple, sleek and modern. This would allow the artwork to shine, we felt too much text would take away from the visuals.

Here are some examples of the final presentation design:




Presentation link- https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1prF_a0H1rcVlTW8hzpnwabQcsWfjuCftN6KqZSzDUik/edit?usp=sharing

Group presentation feedback

After our presentation our lectures gave us some feedback and we also had to give each other a peer assessment and rank ourselves on how well we collaborated and contribute to the group and its success. I think our presentation went well, they liked the design of our slides and the information we talked about. Personally, I think I have a few things to work on for my next presentation, our lectures also had some advice and tips for future projects:

  1. Try to use less to no notes, it will make the presentiment run smoother.
  2. Face the audience while speaking more, to project my voice and not be constantly looking at the screen.

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