ixd303 week 03

This week we are looking at Design and Strategy. We looked at different strategies such as BHAG, this is short for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, this is a long term goal that everyone in a company can understand and rally behind. They are meant to excite and energise people in a way that quarterly targets […]

ixd303 week 02

This week we are looking at research techniques. First we looked at Needs Driven Design, this is essentially asking yourself, ‘Does this product need to exist?’ if yes, make it as unique as possible and answer user needs to solve goals you have and need t0 satisfy. We then went on to do a quick […]

ixd301 week 13 module presentation reflection

Tuesday 14th December 2021 @2.35pm Tutor Feedback under time slightly just keep this in mind for future could have talked about process and work more in depth a bit light on content could have had more research – more examples that aren’t just on the app store add frames to screens, screens without look bare […]

ixd301 week 12 critique reflection

For today’s critique prototype link branding and screens Branding  Illustrations Screens Walkthrough showing current prototype from today’s critique   Tutor and Peer Feedback Critique Reflection I found today’s critique to be useful. It was nice being able to see my work through another perspective. I found the feedback to be constructive and will consider it […]

ixd301 week 11 reflection and tasks

this week keep working on elements project – screens, branding, prototype work on my digitizing my slides for my end of module presentation Reflection This week is independent study and tutorial sessions. During this, I started my slides for my end of module presentation. As well as working away on my elements project for next […]

ixd302 week 06 CV & Cover Letter

CV please view pdfs for better quality versions – cv 1 Cover Letter please view pdfs for better quality versions – cover letter Reflection I think both look a lot better and are easier read. I took both into InDesign and used a grid and rulers to make sure everything was aligned and laid out […]

ixd301 Placement Opportunities – active post

To view my Placement Talks Blog Post, where I log and share my thoughts on companies who come into uni –  click here! Where have I applied to so far? Rapid7 UX Design Intern – Belfast – unsuccessful  Rapid7 UI/Visual Design Intern – Belfast – unsuccessful  FinTru UX Placement -Belfast/Londonderry – unsuccessful Global Payments UX […]

ixd302 week 07 Guest Lecturer reflection

Guest Lecturer – Ronan McKinless – digital designer “What kind of designer?” Part one Job roles in the industry What kind of designer do you want to be? All your different skills apply and can transfer. Part of your job is to learn the intricacies of the different mediums you’ll be working in. Skills & […]

ixd301 week 07 critique reflection and tasks

Portfolio Site Critique & Elements Brief Deliverable 2 – Elements Project Due – week 13 2019 international year of the periodic table Understanding the periodic table – groups and columns Brief Design and create a digital product to explain elements from the periodic table. The periodic table as we know, is a table of chemical […]

ixd302 week 06 reflection and tasks

Week 06 Brief Request for Proposal By now your research should have given you an understanding of the benefits to writing a UX Proposal before undertaking work to manage expectations and provide some legal protection. While you may not be involved in the writing of them for any company you work for, they will be […]