Participate in our research for 4-5 year olds!


How do memory and language interact throughout development?

This online study involves a set of three colouring games (Part 1), followed by two short memory games with silly animals (Part 2):

  • In the colouring games, your child will meet some friends with items to colour in, and then your child will tap or click on the colours to colour in the items. Each game will take about 20 minutes
  • The memory games will involve tapping or clicking on some animals – first with some dogs, and then with a pair of silly monkeys. These games will each take 5-10 minutes
  • All of the games can be played on a touchscreen tablet or laptop with the exception of the monkey game, which should be played on a laptop (not a phone or ipad).

To participate in this study with your child, please read the information below, and click “Next” below to view the consent form and start the colouring games.

After this, you will receive the link to the memory games (Part 2).

After you complete all of the games, we will send you a certificate of participation to thank you for helping us find out about children’s language.

Part 1

Part 2

Colouring game memory games in Part 2

Part 1

Colouring game

Part 2

memory games in Part 2

This study has been approved by the Ulster University Research and Ethics committee REC/17/0044