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IXD103 – Brand Guidelines – Commercial Brand

Brand Guidelines

Brand Values and Mission Statement 

Mountain is a modern banking solution, created for a younger target audience with the mission of making banking simple. Whether your a full time student struggling to budget your money or a full time worker wanting to reach your savings goal, Mountain can incentivise you to save with discounts on your favourite brands or give budgeting tips to help make your money go that extra mile. Mountain can help you reach your financial goals, without the hike.


Banking Without The Hike 

The Peak of Modern Banking

Reach your financial goals

Core Values

  • Educational
  • Reliable
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Helpful

Tone of Voice

At Mountain, we use a friendly, motivational and vibrant tone of voice to create a relationship with our target audience, avoiding complex and long sentences to quickly communicate with our users. Inline with our mission statement we want our tone of voice to appear helpful with most of the information available being tips or advice on budgeting and saving.

Logomarks and Colour

Our logo represents the climb that many face when trying to manage their money, but instead, we aim to help you get your savings to the peak stress-free and with ease. Your savings will stand strong and tall just like a mountain.

Our logo features a vertical and horizontal layout with a dynamic colour scheme that changes with the seasons.

The logo must have the darkest colour of the gradient beside the font, with the font displaying that same colour. Never display logomark with the wordmark in a lighter colour or placement of wordmark before the graphic element. Some examples of what to avoid are:

At Mountain, we have created a dynamic colour scheme for each season of the year to have a constant change of scenery to keep up with our ever changing modern world. This gives a fresh feeling to our applications so that your goals and progress never feel stagnant.


Futura is the typeface that we chose to represent our visual identity as it is based on geometric shapes just like our logo. It adds to the modern feel of our brand and is easy to read. This typeface alone ensures consistency throughout branding, with using different weights of the Futura typeface to highlight important content and create visual hierarchy. We define this visual hierarchy using Demi for headings and titles with subheadings and body content set to Medium. Text alignment is almost always left aligned but in some cases, centred when necessary.


Any icons used continue the theme of geometric shapes in order to keep a consistent visual identity. Icons can either be outlines or filled with white or solid colours from the guidelines of the current season.

Brand Rollout 

App Screen Mockups


See brand value PDF below:

Alanna Lee – Commercial Brand

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