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IXD103 – Refining Brand Logo and Developing Guidelines


Experimenting with the sizing of logo for combination mark. I decided to go with the 3rd option as I felt the two elements were proportioned well with one another.


Logo guidelines for vertical placement. I ensured the the logo followed a structure of set of rules when designing my final version as this ensured a strong result and mapping out sizing and spacing allowed for easy replication if needed.

When the logo and lettering are horizontal colours follow the gradient of logo.


Graphic elements I plan on using when experimenting with patterns.

Idea 1 – Squares

These squares were just an experiment into finding some sort of geometric tessellating pattern.

Idea 2 – Gradient fill

I feel like out of all of my ideas for pattern elements, this simple gradient would be most useful.

Idea 3 – Mountain Pattern

Im not sure about these patterns they feel little too busy maybe I would try using just a flat colours and it could look better.

After quickly experimenting with my patterns, I feel the background in this app screen mockup is too busy but I would like to use a similar idea.



Leaflet Designs – based of Santander’s leaflets I gathered when conducting first hand research. I really like how these turned out but during a critique it was recommended I take the mountain graphic out of the box that was containing it and I plan to explore this in my mockups.


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