IXD102- Project 1 – Type Specimen Screen

For our first project in IXD102, we were tasked with creating a type specimen screen based on a font of our choosing from a list of 6. I almost chose Futura for the history behind it and it being the first font to the moon but in the end I chose Helvetica as I love the simplistic feel of the type. There is also something so familiar with this font that drew me towards choosing it but during my research I got an inside perspective as to why it feels like that. Helvetica is everywhere.

I had never heard of a type specimen prior to Kyles class so before making my final decision I researched the different type screen specimens that have come from each font and below are a few of my favourites.

  What are Type Specimens?

A Type Specimen is a design constructed with the different aspects a font possesses, often to discover which is the best choice for a particular project. These specimens should include each variation of the type such as bold, italic, regular, uppercase, lowercase and any other aspect that will highlight its unique characteristics. In 1741, Jacques-Fraçois Rosart, a Belgian type founder, published 12 type specimens  in 1741 and a further 13 from 1746 to 1752.









Google fonts allows access to thousands of fonts and my chosen font Helvetica has a number of typefaces to choose from.






Revisiting my designs – I felt that some of my designs needed more colour and I also wanted to try red backgrounds like some of my research examples.


PSD Mockups on IPad 12.9″ screen

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