WEEK 11 – 103 (group crit)


With not long left to go before final hand in it was time for another group critique.

We were put into groups of 6 and assigned time slots.

I was able to gain some valuable peer and tutor feedback.




























I had spent some time changing the primary colour in my brand after feeling like I hadn’t explored enough options.


Turns out it was the wrong decision, and now looks like a gardening brand, which isn’t ideal. So I’m going to change it back to some variation of the blue.

I was given some feedback about my gif. At the moment it looks slightly disjointed. I was advised to bring the visual marque up from the bottom and have the animation stop at the end to show the wordmark and visual marque together.

With not much time left until hand in I’m going to have to work hard on changing the colours back and making refinements where suggested.

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