WEEK TEN – 103




As we’re approaching the end of the semester Daniel started off todays lecture with a recap of everything we’ve done to date. This is helpful as its reminded me off some loose ends I need to tie up before hand in.

It was again reiterated how important our research blogs are in our final grade. Once finished recapping we then went into lecture content, which included;

  • Brand values pyramid
  • lovemarks (a book by Kevin Roberts)
  • BxP value proposition map

We then went over how you manage all this, which I have jotted down in my notes for this week ( linked below)

103 NOTES – WEEK 10

The lecture was relatively short because of the ‘one step beyond’ task we had a couple hours to do. We had to made an additional touchpoint for our brand, an emotional response. You could choose anything you’d like as long as it was something people would actually want. The main aim was to make it desirable.

After a little thought I decided to go for an animated GIF, its always something I planned to do but never got around to until now, which is the perfect opportunity.

I started off by making a super rough sketch of what I wanted to achieve with the animation then pretty much started into making it. I have very little experience with animation so this was just a case of trial and error. I’ve included my sketch and finished GIF below.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and will take the advice I got in the critique on board to refine it further.































I’m glad we had a recap this week just to cover all the lecture content we’ve been through to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I’m going to had a read through ‘lovemarks’ to broaden my knowledge further, which will help me complete the task for this week (will post as a separate post). I enjoyed making the GIF today as it was something a bit different. Its nice to see my design being used in something fun and interesting. We have a group critique next week so I need to gather all my brand elements and do some refining.

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