In this weeks lecture topic was colour, we looked at;

  • Colour systems (CMYK, Pantone, RGB)
  • Psychology behind the colours
  • Colours within different cultures


Week 5 lecture notes linked below

103 NOTES – WEEK 5



We started off todays class with an Illustrator demo, where we were shown the basics to allow us to get to grips and be more familiar with the software.

For our task today we were asked to digitise our monograms. We were given a couple of hours to do this and then it was time to have a group review on Padlet where everyone uploaded their work and were given feedback.

I was told to make some refinements and consider composition and alignment. I will take this into consideration as I continue to develop my monogram.


This week we were given a 1 week branding project in which we had to, either rebrand an existing pizza brand or create a new one. I decided to make a new one.

Starting off with roughly sketching out some ideas. Nothing too refined, as we only had a limited amount of time and once I had a rough idea I just went with it.















Finished project linked below




Before this week my knowledge on colour systems was limited, the lecture content allowed me to have a good understanding on the importance of colour. I will take all of this information and apply it to my work. It continues to surprise me each week on how many elements go into design, some that I would of never really considered.

To give us a bit of a break from our personal branding we were given a fun 1 week project. I really enjoyed this, it allowed me to take a step back from my project and focus on something totally different. I’m happy with the logo I designed and colour palette I used, in my opinion I think it looked cohesive. There wasn’t any pressure that it had to be perfect, as it wasn’t being officially assessed, we just had a group critique to see where we could improve. Due to the fact the pressure was off, I felt as if I created some work that I was actually proud of.

I think this is where I’m going wrong with my personal branding. I’m not leaving any room for mistakes, I don’t like creating anything which I don’t think is perfect. But in fact I need to leave myself room for development and changes, that if it doesn’t look exactly like I wanted right at the beginning its ok, as its all part of the process.

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