ixd304 week 12

Week 12 Critique Remember – Hand in – 3rd May 2022 – Link to blog, Link to prototype, Link and/or upload eBook Link to pdf for critique here – apollo project for crit Included in the pdf for this week’s critique is the final eBook. Including a front page, two double spreads, three pages that are […]

ixd304 week 11

This week is one to one tutorials. Also whilst waiting for my tutorial I spend the session trying to fix up small errors on InDesign and try to get the current file to publish as an eBook, which has been a massive struggle with trying to convert without breaking the pages. Pages shown for tutorial  […]

ixd304 week 09

This week we looked at designing with data. Looking at different types of charts and how we can create visualisations to display data. Visualisations and charts can give us an opportunity to tell a story, it can allow you to create a narrative around your data. I think the best way for me understand this […]

ixd304 week 08

This week we had a guest lecture from David Henderson Design. DHD are a branding and digital agency based in Belfast, who work with companies around the world on social strategy, animation and in film. Their styles vary from quirky illustrations to photography. Below are some examples of work I like done by DHD   […]

ixd304 week 05

Reminder that next week is week 06 critique, have your prototype ready for feedback This week we looked at the impact of storytelling in different media, particularly looking beyond the screen. You are pretty much trying to create a world for the viewer to get lost in, to success this you need to consider the […]

ixd304 week 06 critique

Below is the prototype ready for this week’s critique. link to figma file click here   Critique from Kyle and Hal likes the background on the home page, but the type-on-type is very hard to see. Background can be a quieter colour. Hal suggests the title could be made as part of the news, centred […]

ixd304 week 04

This week we looked at Journeying Immersively. First looking at macro and micro. Macro: page-to-page; moving between areas of content. Micro: component-to-component. Users expect this immersive-ness nowadays, they want more (immersive experiences, scrolling, animation, interactive data, live maps etc.) Subtle is always better, everything doesn’t need to be all singing and dancing, it can become […]

ixd304 week 03

This week’s lecture is on Art Direction. Art Direction is a way in which we build a particular aesthetic for a purpose. It shapes the journey of your project. Art Direction is a good step before designing. I think this step will be an important part of the process as it helps guide into the […]

ixd304 week 02

This week’s lecture is on Typography (Macro, Micro). Typography exists to honour content, the web is 95% typography. How we read on the web isn’t how we read in real life, we scan the web. Therefore because of this it’s important to consider headings, subheadings, and putting your content at different font points. It’s important […]

ixd303 week 03

This week we are looking at Design and Strategy. We looked at different strategies such as BHAG, this is short for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, this is a long term goal that everyone in a company can understand and rally behind. They are meant to excite and energise people in a way that quarterly targets […]