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#IXD302 – Proposal Competitor Analysis

One of the deliverables for IXD302 is to create a website and brand proposal for a non-existential company named Hill Street which is a real location in Belfast located near the cathedral quarter.¬† To begin my research I must analysis and dissect other local competitive websites in order to get a better contextual understanding for…Continue Reading #IXD302 – Proposal Competitor Analysis

IXD302 – Defining My Value as a UX designer Article Review

Defining your value as a UX designer UX design is a highly competitive field, and with the abundance of junior designers eager to get into the field, many at one point will begin to question their potential for success based on their education or experience levels compared to their peers. Luis Berumen Castro, a senior…Continue Reading IXD302 – Defining My Value as a UX designer Article Review

IXD302 – Designing the Proposal

The Proposal After learning about what a proposal is and what are its contents through looking at various articles and a book recommended to us by Daniel such as, ‘A Project Guide to UX Design’, I decided to begin the design stage of my proposal. At this stage I have all the content done, it’s…Continue Reading IXD302 – Designing the Proposal

#IXD302 – Hill Street Research

Before I even think about creating a proposal I need to look at Hill Street as a whole and find out as much information as I possibly can about the area which includes history, culture businesses, etc. In order to conduct a knowledgeable and informed proposal. First of all, what is Hill Street? Hill Street…Continue Reading #IXD302 – Hill Street Research

IXD302 – Pitch Idea Generation

In class, we started our process of generating ideas for our pitch. There was absolute freedom on how we could go about this. My process started with the ‘making connections’ task which Daniel explained in class. I wanted to do this task from the start as I and the others wanted a challenge. Me, Sean,…Continue Reading IXD302 – Pitch Idea Generation

IXD302 – Conducting a Competitive Content Audit

Before I conduct my competitor analysis on similar/local companies for my proposed Hill Street, I want to do a quick content audit on at least one of the following sites to gain better insight into how a site is normally structured and displayed. This ultimately helps contextualize my information more relevantly when explaining myself in…Continue Reading IXD302 – Conducting a Competitive Content Audit

#IXD302 – Design Agencies

Local (UK & Ireland) Kaizen Brand Evolution Kaizen is a creative design agency which is based in Belfast. The agency specialises in digital design for brands and animations. They have helped many local businesses develop their brand identities such as Ulster GAA, Boojum and Horse Racing Ireland. Although after studying their work, one of their…Continue Reading #IXD302 – Design Agencies

IXD302 Week 11 – Intellectual Property

Today’s class is all about the awareness and protection of our work/products as well as others. What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property refers to the inventions such as literary and artistic works, etc. that is original to the author. This is protected by law to avoid theft or other such plagiarisms. However, until the author…Continue Reading IXD302 Week 11 – Intellectual Property

#IXD302 Week 9 – Pitching & Presenting

In today’s class, we went over all about conducting and preparing to pitch products. Kyle opened the class with a scenario where he asked a few students to come up to the stage with him while asking their current state of emotions in front of the audience. As most would expect it was unnerving with…Continue Reading #IXD302 Week 9 – Pitching & Presenting

IXD302 Week 10 – Proof of Concept & Initial Research

Today’s lecture is about creating a strong vision for our pitch. This includes conducting various research and gathering factual material to solidify our product. SWOT Analysis¬† Swot analysis is something we have done last year with Daniel for our personal brand. It helps define our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats thus being called ‘SWOT’. It…Continue Reading IXD302 Week 10 – Proof of Concept & Initial Research