TED’s secret to great public speaking by Chris Anderson




Since I have my pitch coming up which is a presentation in front of a group I deiced to watch a Ted Talk which I really enjoy, on speaking publicly. I think Ted talks are a great way to learn information as you are hearing it and watching and reading their visual aids too. I decided to watch the one by Chris AndersonĀ and with over 2 million views thought it couldn’t hurt!


My sketch notes-




I got a lot from this talk- I learned things like I need to care about what I’m saying for it to be a successful talk. As well as transferring my main idea to the listeners, I found this really appropriate as my pitch presentation is about pitching my main idea to other people. I learned how to do this well in 4 steps which I listed above. I think that Chris explained it really well and I have been inspired to give a really good pitch now; I do care about my idea and my pitch product as I think it is strong and has a lot of creativity behind it. I hope to take this new information about speaking publicly to my pitch and I hope I deliver a successful idea to my audience! Wish me luck!

IXD302- Ted talk on Public Speaking
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