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As part of my user research I have decided to put myself in the users shoes and create an empathy map, where I get to see how they feel and this will therefore see how I can improve my pitch idea and how can I make it easier for the user and a better product!


My empathy map-

What can I take away from this?

Looking at this empathy map I can take away from it the fact that my idea can help with some of the feelings that users seeking easy and affordable travel feel- e.g. anxiousness and frustration. I can develop an app that is really easy to use and this could helps with those feelings. I think that doing this map really allowed me to get into the head of the user and really see what they are feeling therefore this allows me to create an app/ product that can help the user. Moving forward from this I need to make sure my app that I create and the screens that I show my investors are clear and easy to read and understand. The whole point of this idea is to make travelling / transporting easier and cheaper so I need to ensure I get that message across.

IXD302- User research- Empathy map for my pitch
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