Pitch Content planning

What should I include in my pitch?

I made another mind map ( so unlike me ) to talk about all of the sections and topics I need to include and talk about with in my pitch. The below research was done so my pitch talk actually makes sense and it flows well, I need to make sure I include enough information so that my audience know what I am talking about and can see and hear my idea clearly with NO confusion.



I looked at what topics I should cover when it comes to market research and competitors…


I have also planned out what type of users this could be for and what I could include within my pitch, I definitely want to include information like user persona’s to really back up and support my idea!




I want to create an app for my pitch idea and I have noted down some things that I want to include in this app and within my pitch these could be possible talking points!


What is next?

I want to take a look at planning for the design of my pitch too. As well as conducting research into the topics above and completing user research, like create some user persona’s for example. I have a lot to be doing and preparing for this pitch to be a success! The above content planning as really settled my head and I feel more focused on what areas and topics I need to research and look into and include within my pitch!

IXD302- Planning my pitch content
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