I decided to do some research into what makes a great portfolio. I want to make sure I design a portfolio that gives me the best chance to get a placement and one that highlights my design work in the best light. I have included my research below and again I used EVEN more post it notes for this research…







Some more portfolio tips…




What did I learn?

I used the internet to get this information from, using online blogs from other designers for research. I think that I actually learned a lot from this research and this has given me some good points to think about before I before designing my portfolio. I think the point of target audience is really important and I need to ensure that the content I write in my portfolio and within my case studies needs to target my intended audience – employers! This is something that I need to consider more and I will do some research into content writing and update my blog with this research.

IXD301- What makes a good portfolio?
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