Final Portfolio


The changes that I made

I have included images of the major changes that I have made to my portfolio based on Daniels critiques.


Home page 



I am much happier with the changes I made for my main page, it was important to me that I designed an exciting yet professional home page as this is the first thing that users of my website will see. I knew I wanted more colour and after discussions with Daniel I decided to move my monogram and also insert a banner of one my most recent projects. I think that this has made a huge difference and has injected a lot more life and added excitement into my portfolio which I am very happy about.





I also changed heading font weights as suggested by Daniel, when I view my website the font doesn’t look to bold but when it is viewed on another laptop the font looks too bold and heavy. To fix this I just changed the weight to the normal option and I agree that it looks much better and softer.



Finished project pages

I have included some finished images of what my project pages look like, here I have included the process of how I have created and designed my finished peices of work. I wanted to give my audience a chance to see how I think and potential clients an opportunity to view my process and how I achieved my end result, starting off with sketches and wireframes. The work is the most important part to a portfolio site and I wanted to ensure that these pages were completed to a very high standard. I want to add even more to my project pages with the research I conducted before each project but I need to get Daniels opinion on doing this in the right way.


Gap N’ Go project page

All of my project pages will take this format, I have just included the Gap N’ Go page as an example. To view all of my other project pages I have included my portfolio link below.









About me

Taking Daniels advice I changed the first paragraph of the About me section, I changed this because it was the same as the first sentence on the home page so I didn’t want to repeat myself.





Contact me

As for the Contact page I didn’t make any changes there however I am struggling to insert my social media icons that I have made but hopefully I will get that sorted out soon as I am proud of these icons and this would add even more personality to my website. I hope to place these where I have placed my social icons on the contact page.








I also decided to change the text on the buttons that I have included within my website, initially I went for a button with all caps for the text, I felt like this was too over powering so I changed it to lowercase and I think that this works much better on my site I have added the before and after below.


Button changes before












Similar with the button situation I changed the headers from all caps to lower case. Daniel felt like this would make more sense on my site as most of my titles and headers are lowercase so they should all be consistent and look the same throughout.


All caps












Access my portfolio site here-


What did I benefit from this critique?


the biggest thing that I took away from this critique is that I have learned that simple changes can make a huge difference! I agree with Daniels advice and I think these adjustments has made my portfolio much more consistent and professional. I want to think of even more ways to bring more excitement and attraction to my portfolio website in the near future.



Reflection on my final portfolio


This portfolio is not fully finished I still have a lot of work to do on my project pages, I want to include more information about the research aspect to each of my projects however I want to get some advise about this from Daniel. I also want to include more images of my sketching and my thought process before I go into the digital prototypes for my project pages, I want to give future clients or employers the chance to see my thinking and my process. I am happy with the overall look of my portfolio it is clean and minimal and it focuses on the work which is the most important thing that I wanted it to do. I hope to get some feedback from Daniel on my portfolio from his marks but I am excited to continue to add to this portfolio especially with new projects I complete over the summer time.







IXD103- Final Portfolio
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