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pdf link- GapN’Go final screens


I have developed 10 screens of my Gap N’ Go app, this isn’t the entire app. I have included:

  • Landing page
  • Introduction section
  • Log in page
  • Home page
  • Explore page
  • 3 different locations
  • Gap Guide page


I thoroughly enjoyed this project and the topic it is based on, I would love to continue to develop this project further and continue to design more screens that this app would include in the future. I have included them ‘screen by screen’ below.



Screen by Screen







































pdf screen by screen link- GapN’Go screenbyscreen



Reflection on this project


I really enjoyed this project, from start to finish. I think that my illustration skills sketching and digitally has improved massively because of this project. I am very interested in travel it is a big part of who I am and I want to do a lot of it and I think that created this app inspired me in so many ways as a designer and artist. I think that my skills with colour and typography have improved massively, those are ares that I struggle with at times and I feel myself growing more confident with those areas and this travel app has definitely pushed me in the right direction. I am very happy with my illustrations for my app, I think they match my desired target audience and scream youth and freedom! I am also very happy with my icon set too, they are minimal but easy to understand for the user. iconography is a topic I am interested in so I will further research this and continue to develop those skills.

I need to work on my placement of containers and text- good ux is very important when it comes to creating and designing apps and I want to design apps that are actually easy to use and navigate. I think that some areas within this app the ux good be improved so I will continue to practice and research on how I can improve those particularly skills.

Overall I have very pleased with my progress, especially in the illustration department. I have only designed a few of the screens that this app would have and I would really enjoy continuing the development of this app as I am very passionate about the topic of travel.

IXD104- Gap N’ Go final screens
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