I have made a few changes to make on my brand book from the week 11 critique, here are the advised adjustments that Daniel suggested for my brand book specifically:

  • align all text- using a guide
  • make everything smaller
  • less information and more white space
  • fix up the ‘swoop’ shape- it is too overpowering




My final brand book


Illustrator images

Below is a screenshot of my final brand book in Illustrator, I used guided on each page to help me align my text and headings more easily and I find that this method helped me a lot. I reduced the size of my images and headings and I played around the the ‘swoop’ shape, I still wanted to include this as I thought it was a fun splash of colour but Daniel explained that I should do it in a more refined and subtle way. I have included the pdf to my final brand book below.





Final book pdf-Caoimhe Greene’s Brand Book



I am very happy with my final brand book, I agree with Daniel on all of the adjustments he suggested. The changes I made makes a huge difference to the final outcome, I feel that this new version is easier and more enjoyable to read, I enjoy the splashes of colour as they are subtle but still attractive and they inject that creativity that it really important to me and I really wanted to have that evident throughout my book. I still have some practice to do on aligning text and the placement of objects, I find this to be a hard thing to achieve at times so I will continue to practice those skills. Overall I think that this brand book perfectly ties all of my brand aspects and elements together in a creative yet professional way.

IXD103- My final brand book
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