Week 12 critique

Today was my last lesson of the year and it was a group critique. I presented my new and improved infographic that I have included below, within this critique everyone presented their infographics and we all made comments and listened to feedback from Paul.

Updated infographic

This is the infographic that I presented to the group-




Group feedback 

Below is an image of the feedback I got from my peers today in the critique. I always enjoy reading my peers comments and seeing their own work, it was very beneficial to see all of their creative ideas and approaches to this project!







I got some constructive criticism from Paul on a few minor things that I need to revisit again.


Changes I need to make:

  • bolder numbers
  • lighter fonts
  • more height and the bottom to give my information more room to breath
  • alignment of some titles
  • more height at the top for a bigger title


What did I learn & Reflection

I have learned that the last improvements that I have made have bettered my infographic and Paul thought it was successful, I will take his feedback and correct a few minor things that he mentioned. I found his critiques very helpful and the main critiques revolved around type colours and sizing which is an area that I struggle with but I definitely think that I am improving with my type skills, especially within this semester. I am happy with my progress and I am excited to make my final infographic and see the final result very soon!




IXD104- Week 12 critique
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