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Previously I have researched the topic of infographics access blog post here. I wanted to take a more in-depth look into some designers who focus mainly on infographics, so I have looked at a few inspiring modern day infographic designers and I have included my opinions of their work below.


1. Rangga Adibirawan

Rangga Adibirawan is an Indonesian illustration and Photoshop expert who has worked with many clients to satisfactorily create infographics. I love the style of the below infographic that I have included, the flat design approach is very popular within todays design world and I like the friendly, light hearted atmosphere it can bring to a piece. Statistics and facts that are usually number based can be very boring to read and follow along with, but with this type of illustrative style I think that it brings the numbers to life and makes it much more enjoyable to look at.

the data visuals here are easily read and are positioned well on the page however I would prefer my data visuals to have less text surrounding them and even within them e.g. the pie charts.





2.Luna Hyena

Luna Hyena is one of the dependable freelance infographic designers who works on using infographics to promote peoples brand. I love her playful style here in the infographic she deigned below and I think the colours overall work great together. This fun and illustrative style of infographic is definitely one that I would want to continue to read, when I see infographics like the one below I am immediately interested and since I am a visual learner I love all of the images and the lively cartoon like characters.

The information and facts on this particular are spaced out more so than the previous example, no section is over crowded with too much text which therefore makes it very easier and enjoyable to read! This is an important part when it comes to infographics and I want to make sure that I get the correct balance too, I want to make a type of infographic that people want to read and isn’t overloaded with complicated math information and statistics.

This infographic focuses more on images and the illustrative side rather than information but it is important to get a good balance with infographics the data and information is what you want to get across to your audience, you want them to actually read it and learn.






3.Lera Balashova


Balashova is an infographic designer who uses a unique style, that I haven’t seen on any previous infographics that I have researched. I love the use of line here, the illustrations are simple and uncomplicated, I enjoy the mix of the red and blue tones and on top of the black background it is a good contrast. I like this unique style and it’s not your ‘typical infographic’ that I did enjoy reading.

The layout is easy to follow, I prefer to read infographics that follow a vertical composition compared to a landscape design, the infographic that I will make will be vertical. The colour combo does work but it is rather dark and gives off a more serious vibe, I want my infographic to be more easily read and have a more lighthearted feel like the previous examples.






What did I learn?


I enjoyed analysing the different styles of infographics, this has helped me with my decision making when it comes to the design of my own infographic and what I want it to look like, what sort of layout and composition that I aim to go for. For the illustrative style I want my infographic to be enjoyable to read and have a light hearted atmosphere so from research I think that a flat design approach will work best. I have learned from looking at these designers that is it important to have the correct balance of information and images which I think all three designer above have shown. I have learned that the information about my chosen topic is the most important part, that it is vital that my audience actually learn something from my final piece but I also want them to enjoy reading it and with the correct layout and design I hope to achieve that goal.




IXD104- Looking at infographic designers
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