The beauty of data visualisation by David McCandless- Ted talk




I decided to watch David McCandless’s Ted Talk based on the beauty of data visualisation, I have looked at his work previously access here and I found his approach to visualising data very intriguing as well as inspiring. I decided to practice my sketchnoting skills yet again with this Ted Talk, I am much more comfortable with this technique now as I have completed many Ted Talk’s with this approach. I have included my sketch notes below.





What did I learn?

I found that I really enjoyed listening to McCandless talk about data, he has a very inspiring view on the topic and the power data can hold. He talked about many of his projects that he has worked on that include data and number such as ‘Most common fears’ and ‘Peak break up times’, other projects included talk about military budgets around the world etc. He also mentioned the work he wrote based on data and his process he used in creating some of the visuals. I have learned a lot from David McCandless from his book and now through this Ted Talk, I have learned that data visualisation is both the eye and the brain languages working together to make a beautiful visual. I now know that data has the power to change peoples perspectives and change their mind sets!

When I do sketchnotes I have to think of the words and phrases he is saying and analyse them in my head and pick of key words and images and sketch them out. This increases my listening skills and also visual skills. I have found that my sketches have improved and I am maintaining more and more information each time I complete a sketchnote activity.

This has been some solid research for my data infographic project, I found seeing real life examples of David McCandless’ work and also hearing him talk about it very beneficial and I have gathered some great inspiration for my own data visuals that I am going to create.

IXD104- The beauty of data visualisation- Ted Talk
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