IXD101- An intro into html and GitHub

John Baskerville project

As a complete newbie to html and the GitHub world I have had a few struggles getting started with this area. Our tasks so far have been to mark up a piece of text (version 1) and to add css to that marked up text (version 2).

So far I have created two versions of John Baskerville project and I have uploaded them to my GitHub. The first one was marking up the piece of text which was a good starting of project to get me familiar to the process and the second version was that text but with css (Cascading Style Sheets) added.


On Mondays class we looked at adding css to the piece, with nav, colours, font sizing and alignment. Paul got us to look more into the we added links and hovers. I am completely new to this and after a ‘few’ tries I was thrilled to see I had marked up a successful outcome! I played around with colour, of the text, quotes, links and headers. It was satisfying to apply some design aesthetics to the content.




Github link- https://github.com/caoimhegreene/john_baskerville

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