IXD101- 100 Iterations further development

This are the 9 images I have chosen to help me further develop my project, this is not the finished piece of work. I took these images myself and I took inspiration from nature and my surroundings. I tried to convey that the pencil itself and the pencil lines/marks merged into nature. I began with drawing a single line, then I made it thicker and it reminded me of a road. I moved onto the vertical pencils and they reminded me of the telephone poles and trees that lined the streets.

I decided to use photography in this project as I am interested in that area and I felt like it suited the theme and atmosphere I was going for. I like the final two images and I think they correlate well, the yellow pencils are showing lines overlapping and I got the same feeling for the yellow washing line outside my front door. I enjoyed using my local area and nature for my line project inspiration, it got me to see line in everyday objects. This photography challenge gave me a lot of inspiration for my digital design story, I needed to get this inspiration as it has given me a great foundation before I take my design ideas to the screen.



This project is still yet to be finished! I am going to take these 9 images and use them as inspiration for my digital story I am going to design, the themes of this digital narrative are going to be:

  • nature
  • pencils
  • line

I want my story to include these themes, especially line! So I am moving on to the next stage which I deciding what kind of story I want to tell, and how I am going to design it…


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