week 6 IXD101 – PROJECT 3 – Artist specific research into “Follow the Rhythm”

Poster lyric ideas:

I felt that the first step in creating my poster should be to research lyrics of a few of my favourite artists.  Only from there would I be able to determine the style and composition of my poster:

  • “In due time, the skies will split for the sun to smile” – Weight, Brockhampton
  • “Do you make mistakes or do you make a change” – Bleach, Brockhampton
  • “See, you’re a product of your environment.  My environment’s a product of me” – Violence, Yung Lean

Analysing genres:

Brockhampton – hip-hop, rap, alternative hip-hop, alternative R&B

Yung Lean – Hip hop, cloud rap, emo rap, Soundcloud rap, dream pop


Analysing typography from Brockhamptons genres


Originally Hip hop design originally come from street art.  Street art fonts are mainly serif and usually have a lot of personality, colour, and don’t prioritise legibility.  Street art typography can range from almost illegible bubble writing to downloadable fonts.  Hip hop calligraphy is very loose and looks like it’s been quickly done with a marker.  Hip Hop stylistically is characterised by bright, contrasting colours on a dark background. Each character very much has its own individuality and almost comes alive, the way the letters bend and swirl in S shapes makes them dynamic and almost like they’re in motion.


McDonald's accused of copying graffiti logo – here's why we should protect street artists' original tags

Art color Graffiti paint psychedelic Urban wall rue tag peinture wallpaper | 2048x1357 | 448787 | WallpaperUP

How Hip-Hop Actually Affects America | Hip hop art, Hip hop, Graffiti wallpaper


Urban Calligraphy: Hip Hop Heads Logo | Hip hop logo, Hip hop font, Hip hop art

Hip Hop Graffiti Font Stock Illustrations – 801 Hip Hop Graffiti Font Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime


R&B // Rhythm and Blues

R&B is a music genre that combines pop, soul, funk, hip hop and electronic music elements. The genre’s a distinctive production style: drum machine-backed rhythms, pitch corrected vocals, and a smooth vocal arrangement.

R&B is an extremely diverse genre visually, however upon further inspection I noticed that neon colours and warm tones aren’t uncommon.  This could be to do with the colour theory of the issues they’re addressing such as love, heartbreak, and other strong emotional topics.24 Stevie Wonder Album Covers That Will Always Be Remembered - THE GRAMMYs®️ Photos - CBS.com

Frank Ocean releases "Moon River" cover — blonded.blog


DAMN.: Kendrick Lamar's Pursuit For Higher Learning | uDiscover

30+ Best Prince Albums of All Time - Every Prince Album, Ranked


Analysing Brockhampton’s previous album cover designs:


Tour posters:


Amazon.com: Brockhampton Iridescence Art Print Poster Decor: Handmade

Brockhampton Tour Poster I designed : brockhampton

BROCKHAMPTON: Love Your Parents Tour [Concert Poster] 11 x 17 # 10/19 | eBay

Brockhampton Europe Tour 2020 | Event poster design, Tour posters, Concert posters

Other graphic design in their style by fans:Brockhampton Saturation Digital Art by Chy Cahyo


I made the iridescence cover without text - Album on Imgur


BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence, alternative cover art : brockhampton



BROCKHAMPTON - Iridescence (Combined Art) - Album on Imgur

Brockhampton Saturation Fleece Blanket for Sale by Chy Cahyo

BROCKHAMPTON Delivers Another Masterpiece – 20 Watts


a brutalist poster | Cover art design, Graphic poster, Graphic design posters



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