week 2 IXD101 – “Point, line, and plane”

In Mondays class we created 9 square grids both on paper and in Figma in order to experiment with point and line.  The session was helpful as I found it made it easier to come up with completely unique/ individual designs within a very short period of time.

For the first exercise Paul asked us to create 9 unique designs inside of the grid using circles of varying shades:

After noticing that the bottom right design looked a bit like a moon I decided to play around more with circles to create a space themed grid.

I was really pleased with the outcome of this second one and I learned that I was capable of doing a lot with Figma.

After experimenting with circles Paul had us complete the same grid again but this time it was with horizontal lines:

I experimented further by using vertical lines too:

I also experimented using plane as well as point and line and found that I could round the edges of the planes I used to give a variety in my grid:

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