AAD011 Place


To follow the theme of “place” I immediately thought upon Van Goths piece ‘cafe terrace at night.” This piece depicts a street in Paris from the view of a cafe, there may not be a lot of sentimental value behind the piece or where it’s based upon other than Van Goths liking towards the setting he chose and watching people comfortably eating and talking amongst each other, but through this piece the area has become quite famous and picked up a lot of tourism as the piece is loved all around the world. The colours have a very bright aesthetic with yellows and blues to show the glow from the artificial lighting and darker hues in the background as the street thins out into the darkness of the night. I really enjoy this piece in particular and I find it interesting how Van Goth wasn’t very famous in his life and in 1888 while he painted this piece had know idea how this small cafe and the street it’s situated would gain such popularity through the work he created.

(Café Terrace at Night, 2021)



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