AAD011 Communication


Communication is how we interact with each other to express our feelings and this is done through written, vocal and visual communication. Visual communication is a massive factor in art and is usually how the artist speaks to the viewers telling them what they feel through a piece. This goes back as far as cavemen drawing in caves or ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Communication through art sometimes includes words which is good but this isn’t necessary as the pieces speak for themselves either that be an obvious or more subtle through which colour pallet has been chosen for example. Throughout history communicative art has told story’s for example this piece by Eugene Delacroix commemorating the French Revolution of 1830. The piece is called “liberty leading the people” and depicts a woman stood on top of a mountain of dead bodies or victims of the revolution while she is holding up the french flag, in her other hand she holds a rifle but it is the raised flag that speaks to us, it shows us the pain through the battle and the loss of lives but through that the victory felt for the cause as the flag is raised through celebration.

(Liberty Leading the People | Description, History, & Facts, 2021)

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