“Sustainability” AAD011

In the last few decades and most notably years, we as a race have almost ‘woken up’ to the selfish harm we are causing to the planet that we call home, and the devastation we’ve caused to each different form of species that also lives alongside us. The science is growing clearer each day that our massive over use in greenhouse gasses, plastics, our mass production in the meat industry and farming alongside thousands of other horrible things we do to this planet, is slowly but surely killing it – or as more recent years have shown it is actually happening quite fast.

It is really important that we must all stay educated and aware and with our AAD011 module this week we have been tasked to do some research on “sustainability” and through that I found some pretty cool pieces or art.

First of all…


I found this sculpture of a form of sustainable art on the website for ‘Ecoistmagazine), it shows toilet roll tubes that have been cut and carved into trees, this work made me feel almost guilty because we always think of plastics doing harm but overlook the mass production of paper and card, we see it as oh it’s fine of we recycle but that doesn’t stop deforestation does it? I thought it was really beautiful either way as it is such an intricate piece and very well thought out.


Another was these pieces from “Banksy”



(Banksy, 2021)

The first painting is showing a cow holding a protest card and fighting back to us telling us to eat ourselves, that we have no right to be eating her, and it makes you think we’ll maybe we shouldn’t be killing animals just to eat them, we would never dream of hurting humans that is unforeseen. So why are we killing animals for the sake of food but so against harming another human? We all share this earth.
The second image shows a dog sitting for a bone off his master, on further inspection you see that the bone is the dogs as the man stands with a saw behind his back, yet still the dog obediently sits for this man. Personally I think this is telling us how we are torturing animals either this be for eating, selling or shows that animals are involved in such as circuses. I think the dog was a good example as the dog is known as ‘mans best friend’, most people love and adore their pet dogs at home and wouldn’t dream of causing harm to them, although what is the dog was replaced with an elephant, tiger, cow or chicken for example. These animals really do mean less to us so we wouldn’t feel as much emotion if this painting showed one of them. It’s also sad that even though the dog is in evident pain and has been hurt by his master, he still sits happily for the bone as this is what he has been trained to do. Dogs are beneath us, animals are beneath us. That’s how well always see it and that’s the problem.



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