Sculpture AAD0010

The task for this workshop was to create a new sculpture for Buoy park at Ulster university. I sketched out some ideas the first one being an idea based of the children’s story Jack and the Beanstalk. I thought this would be overly for children’s to look up to, seeing a massive beanstalk towering into the sky in an area surrounded by modern skyscrapers, it would add a bit of wonder to the area and I’m sure children would be asking their parents if it where real. It would be a really nice touch to Belfast.

My second brainstorm brought me to my final idea which is basically a sun. Belfast can be such a murky and depressing place at times so to add a bit of Permanent sunshine would be nice! The idea was to install a frame at around 15 to 30 feet in height which would have the sun sculpture dangling from. The sun would be made from a highly reflective metal with a glass overlay along with some reflectors around the edges. Daylight or even in the rare chance sunlight would show an amazing reflection glowing from afar. The reflective material is a backup for murky rainy days where its quite dark out, buses and cars driving past with bright lights will reflect upon the sculptures materials making it glow in any weather. I feel that this would be really nice and may well cheer passers by up, especially on the face of the sun which i added a smile to! I named the sculpture “big Sun” as it is quite literally a big sun but also because the term ‘big son’ is used often slang ways as a name for people in Belfast, the name would resonate with some people and add locality to the piece!



i hope you like my ideas!


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