My moodboard

I thought of these moodboards through aesthetics in clothing that I like personally (although I can’t pull them off lol). I really love the colour lilac and the majority of my clothes are this colour even the walls in my bedroom it’s just the best colour out there, so of course it was a massive cause of inspiration within a moodboard. I love lilac hair, nails, jumpers, jeans. Just a really pretty colour to suit anything and it looks especially well matched up in an outfit with white or black.


Another inspiration was the combination of black and yellow in fashion, I think these two colours together really pop and the black exaggerates the yellow so much it’s so pretty. The black and yellow combination reminded of a bumble bee or a sunflower both very natural things. I also showed inspiration for male clothes in this board as well as female inspiration as this colour combo is very universal anyone can wear it to create a fun outfit!



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