Museum – At home

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With this task I tried to fill my page, using only black charcoal to draw up and complete my pieces of work. I used my eraser as a tool itself in order to create white space, creating a contrast while adding shadow.

Alternative means- Portraits

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we were tasked with drawing a portrait of each other  over the video call, which I found difficult as they weren’t clear photos, however I tried to do quick sketches to make them more abstract. While also using black ink and coloured backgrounds.

“Protest” part 2 – Barbara Kruger

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“We don’t need another hero” 1987

Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist known by her subversive design work, it consists of themes concerning consumerism and feminism. This piece is an example of her agitprop style, with the use of black and white photography, red banners and a single bold font. The message of this piece clearly demonstrates Barbara’s personal view upon society’s social constructs, which creates a powerful statement to its audience. She was successful with her intention to obtain immediate engagement for the audience to realise the power of her political, social, and feminist concepts. By using her choice of contemporary, raw and bold materials, Kruger is engaging to the audience subtly, to reflect the power of her artworks. The red text ‘We don’t need another hero’ appeals to her acceptance of the youth. Kruger’s acknowledgement and understanding is expressed through this title, claiming that she believes society does not need the youth being more pressured into conforming to gender stereotypes. With this artwork, Kruger hopes to communicate to the audience with the same result of acceptance and understanding that she features.

“ Protest” – Banksy Love is in the air ( Flower thrower) 2003

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Banksy is an artist who is known for using his art as a political weapon. His art repeatedly comments on themes such as corruption and war,He speaks for a generation,commented Maeve Doyle, artistic director of Londons Maddox gallery. Banksy first executed this piece in Jerusalem in 2003, painting it on the citys West Bank barrier wall that separates Israel from its Occupied Territories. Such art work has been extremely successful in communicating its message, while attracting  media attention and support of his piece. The success of it is evident through the fact it has been endlessly replicated since. It depicts a protestor, sometimes referred to as the masked thug,caught in the act of throwing a bouquet of colourful flowers. It could be considered a contemporary update on the classic 1967 photo Flower Power, in which protestors stuffed tiny flowers into soldiersgun barrels. This is one of many artworks that Banksy has executed in favour of Palestinian rights, and his advocacy continues to stir controversy.

Alternative means -Mark Making

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We were asked to create our very own mark making tools that could be created out of anything, for my own i mainly used bits of metal attached to sticks, even sticks themselves to draw with and bits of shredded cardboard. I found some where easier to use and create mark makings with than others. I really enjoyed mark making and was very pleased with the outcome.

Alternative means -Continuous Line Drawing

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We were tasked with creating blind contour drawings, from the beginning I found it difficult to not look at the page, however as I continued to create more drawings, I began to be happier with how messy they looked and enjoyed the creativity involved in the process.

I created a blind contour drawing using wire, I found this difficult to create as it was tough to bend and shape, however I was happy with the out come.

I created these after the online session, as I wanted to develop deeper into the blind contour drawings as I really enjoyed creating them.

which led me to add a pop of colour and outline in black pen, to make it stand out that little bit more.



Monograms-Alternative means

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Throughout this project we were assigned to create our own logos. After many sketches I found ways to create my initials into my own logo. Using a thick black pen to make them stand out, due to the contrast created between black and white.

I found that I preferred the minimalistic approach to my logos, as I thought they were more clear and eye catching.

within the next two I decided to be more creative and add much more details to my logos.

I enjoyed creating and designing my own logos, this was my favourite project throughout them all.