COLLABORATION.   “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”ย Collaboration can range from many things, from the art and music industry to branding and advertising. Successful collaborations can elevate a businessโ€™s popularity and increase their exposures as they are merging both business customers. A collaboration Iโ€™ve chosen is between Nike, […]


โ€œAestheticโ€ is a unique term that is defined by one thing different to everyone, the term is โ€œConcerned with beauty or the appreciation of beautyโ€ as Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once said, โ€œBeauty is in the eye of the beholderโ€. In relation to the graphic design industry, I came across a poster of an event planner […]


After consideration, my group and I have decided on the theme of communication. I am really happy with this decision as it is something I find intriguing within the art industry. During my research, I came up with two choices of artists work that I thought would work well in our gallery. My first choice […]

GDI, Illustration workshop2.

Workshop 2 was took by Georgia Collins and Pat Griffin. We were tasked with creating an illustration of compound words, ย at first i thought of many compound words, although the ones that i thought would look best as an illustration were, basketball and moonlight.ย Secondly we had to choose are favourite illustration and then create thumbnails […]

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