My group and I have chosen to centre our exhibition around the theme of “communication”.As defined by Pearson, J and Nelson, P the communication process, “involves understanding, sharing, and meaning.” (1) The artist we have included within our exhibition are; Alan Fletcher, Jessica Walsh, Marcel Duchamp, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jasmin Kay Uy, as well as, Robyn Morris, […]


I found it hard to choose a final design, but after some time and getting a few opinions I’ve decided on this design. I wanted to keep it simple but still distinctive, as I wanted people to distinguish this as a bus associated with Ulster University. I wanted a colour that Translink’s buses are familiar […]


This workshop was run by Paul McNally, exploring graphic design and sharing his own experience of how his career started. We got to see the companies Paul got to work with and a lot of his local work around Belfast. We were then set a task of rebranding the company “Zest”, Zest is a cafe […]


This one day workshop was run by former graduate Phoebe Todd, where we explored animation. We were introduced to the animation technique Rotoscoping, something completely new to me, which made me nervous at first but I soon became confident with it. Our task was to create an animation of a hand-drawn skateboarding figure. I used […]


MARK FARROW An artist whose work I admire would definitely be Mark Farrows. In 2004, Mark Farrow was elected Designer of the Year by the Creative Review Peer Poll, which voted him ‘ the most important graphic designer working today ‘. While The Royal Society of Arts also awarded him the title of Royal Designer for Industry in […]


  COLLABORATION.   “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Collaboration can range from many things, from the art and music industry to branding and advertising. Successful collaborations can elevate a business’s popularity and increase their exposures as they are merging both business customers. A collaboration I’ve chosen is between Nike, […]


“Aesthetic” is a unique term that is defined by one thing different to everyone, the term is “Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty” as Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In relation to the graphic design industry, I came across a poster of an event planner […]

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