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Week 5: Animated GIFs of our Icon

We were shown how to make our icons into animated GIFs using Adobe After Effects, and then we could try it out for ourselves. As I was not yet confident using After Effects, I chose to try and animate it using Procreate on my iPad. This was hard to get used to at first, but I used the ‘animation assist’ tool which showed me a timeline and helped me to duplicate and remove layers as needed. I found this task quite difficult, but it will be useful in the long run and I am pleased with how it has turned out.

Week 4: Making 3 Icons in Illustrator

I made some icons based on my photograph and initial sketches of a USB stick. I like the third one more, but it wouldn’t be suitable as an icon, and would work better as a GIF or animation. The first was based on the first one but edited to have a filter in Photoshop, to try and abstract it further. I think it works very well for an icon.

Week 4: Iconography picture/sketches

Our next task was to take a photograph of an object with a function. I chose a USB stick as it was nearby and I felt it would work well. I drew some basic sketches, both of the USB and of some icon ideas, from which I would like to develop further into an icon, as they are very simple as they currently are. I like the bottom icon, with files ‘flying’ into the computer, but this would be better as a GIF or animation than an icon, as it is too large and detailed. I found this task somewhat difficult at first, but it became more enjoyable as I sketched more ideas.