IXD302- Proposal

I have been requested for this project to write and design a PDF proposal document. This proposal will include the expectations and deliverables needed to create a website and brand which presented Hill Street in Belfast. Before starting my proposal it was important I carried out research on how to write a proposal, so I had a better understanding when creating my own what type of things I may mention.


Below you can access my Proposal by clicking the link.

Hill street Belfast proposal

When creating my proposal I wanted to make sure I had a clear layout from the beginning. I wanted to make sure the content I included in each section was understandable and so the client know what was specifically happening in each step of process.

At the beginning of the proposal I included a Title page with brief details of the heading, subtitle, company, author and date.

In the beginning of the document I included a table of contents so they knew clearly were each section was and Version history so the client knows how many times it’s been edited or changed.

The following section included:

  • A project overview-which was a brief description of the project I would be working on.
  • The project approach- this is where I explained to the client how I plan on completing this project.
  • The Scope of work- in this section I identified the roles of both the client and the company.
  • Assumptions- What the client can expect upon competition of project.
  • Deliverables- in this section I clearly stated to the client what work they could expect to see each week.
  • Ownership/rights- The type of contact and who it’s owned by
  • Additional Free/Costs- included information about any additional costs.
  • Project Pricing and Payment Schedule- Stated when payments should be made and the overall cost of the project
  • Acknowledgment and sign off – agreement between designer and client in order for me to start the project.


It took time to undertake this project but I felt I made great effort completing this project. I made sure I kept the text and headings consistent in each section to make it look professional. I felt it was an interesting challenge as I haven’t had much previous experience creating a proposal. I feel now a lot more knowledgeable and aware of how to design a proposal. Therefore I feel I’ll be more confident in creating my own in the future. When doing any future freelance work a proposal may be a good tool when communicating to my client in  written form what I am going to do in order to achieve the required outcome.


As a future UX designer I will take time to design an unique front cover for any design proposal I write which will represent my brand colours I write. Also when I gain more experience I may decide to charge more for my services.

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