Purple Cow- Book Research

Book Review

This book was written by Seth Godin. Purple cow explains why coming up with an original product idea and advertising doesn’t quite meet the needs of users nowadays. In this book the author Seth explains how you can build a fantastic product that makes people want to share and enjoy it, in order to help you become successful in today’s world.

My favourite quote from his book I liked was:

3 lessons I learned from this book is:

  • The best form of advertising you could do is word of mouth
  • The importance of taking risks
  • Start to focus on communicating to people about your product and expected outcome if u want your product to succeed.


I feel there is a lot of good points to take away from this book by Seth Godin. It has inspired me to give it my all-in projects and course and hopefully be able to produce something great.

Although this book was written in 2003, it is still very popular today. Many University students read this book by Seth Godin for inspiration and advice. I would highly recommend any young person or adult to read this book as it’s a great read. It will give them a lot of helpful tips which they could use to become more successful. I’m sure there is a lot more great books out there by Seth which I will need to explore


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