IXD103- Week 10- Minor Task

The Minor task for this week was to choose three businesses I respect and study how they form emotional realtionship with their customers. I choose the following three companies cause I really like these brands and I feel they use Brand value well to improve user experience and create a good emotional realtionship with customers.


Adidas has been established since 1949. Adidas is one of the Uk’s leading sports clothing brand. Brand value is very important to them. Adidas take great pride in their brand. They have provided customers with quality products throughout the years.

Adidas have created ways of connecting social values in order to form relationships with their customers emotions.

The use of marketing campaigns such as “Impossible is Nothing”.  Adidas encourages people than anything is possble and not to give up. The use of celebrity endorsements such as Lionel Messi who is one of the best footballer in the world have created a huge a positive impact upon their customers and have increased their brand identity.

In 2013 Adidas used the “#MyGirls” which was a campaign used to support woman by celebrating young girl and female athletes keeping active. This campaign started as part of International Women’s day. It rolled out a lot of content across it social channels and shared stories of inspiring female sportswomen from all over the world.

The main focus of Adidas’s approach to marketing is it’s use of storytelling. This has been used by Adidas for years. These stories include their own and allows people connect with stories from sporting superstars to celebrities to everyday athletes. Doing this has helped Adidas build relationships with their customers and therefore has become a household name.

This classic Logo which appears across all their products to date. It’s a well established brand and well reconigsed.


Ford is a well-established brand. This is because they have been in business from the early 1900s. The brand has been greatly promoted through its various advertising campaigns. Their most recent is called “Backbone of Britain” Ford’s latest ad looks to shine a light on how its vans and pick-ups are used in the daily lives of the British workforce. Ford have built themselves up to become the well-established trustworthy company it is today. The vehicles they make, and sell are of excellent quality. Due to the success of their brand, they have formed emotional relationships with their customers therefore they have great Loyalty. Although the Logo may have changed and tweaked over the years the idea and their concept has been the same. Ford has a strong set of values which they abide by.

Ford is a well know brand which people recognize straight away and they are a successful and trustworthy company.


I really like Samsung as a Brand. Samsung was founded on the 1st March 1938 and has since become one of the most popular brands globally. Samsung have formed a strong emotion relationship with their customers. It is one of biggest smartphone companies in the world.  It often competes with Apple for sales. Customers like Samsung as a cheaper alternative to Apple. Plus, it’s Android interface rather than Apple. The Home appliances and entertainment products have helped gain more interest in the brand. It is introduction of the VR Set and Samsung Watch have helped increase its sales and interested it is many followers. They are forever producing products to deal with their customer demands. Their many advertising campaigns have really helped in building a strong emotional relationship with their customers.  The latest advert shows the power of their camera on the phones. It encourages people to get out and about to capture great memories using their camera.


I enjoyed this task as I got to research 3 companies that I like. These brands I choose cause I use them in my daily lives. These particular brands provide good customer values and create great realtionships with them due to their products and markerting. These brands are all very different but all equally successful. By researching I discovered the importance of providing emotional realtionship with customers. It is essential I consider this in my own branding as it will help make it more successful in long term.

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