Icon re-creation
For this task I had to recreate 5 of the icons shown below. I used Figma to recreate them. Originals Recreation
Geometric Shape Task
For this task I had to make my name out of three geometric shapes. The three shapes which we could use were triangles, squares and circles. I mainly used [...]
Content Audit Exercise
For this exercise I had to choose a brand which I feel I understand. The brand I chose was Simple. I decided to choose Simple because I used a lot of their [...]
Follow Something Task
For this task I had a look at some blogs from Brand New (UnderConsidersation). Their blogs focused on the subject of logos and brand identities. Firstly, I [...]
Week 1 tasks
Social bio For this task I was required to write a short biography for myself which could be used across social media profiles and platforms. I need to sum [...]
Recommendation tweet for tv show
Short description A classic comedy sitcom from the 80s to the early 2000s, is a must-watch. It is popular with all ages and can be enjoyed with friends or [...]
Inanimate Object Task
I am used to hold liquids (usually cold) and can be reused.
Manifesto sketch 100 iterations sketch Follow the rhythm sketch Portfolio sketch
Type specimen sketches Web essay sketches
Web Essay Final
Link: What I have changed After receiving feedback on my web essay, the one major thing I had to change on my [...]
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